Bailing Your Kid Out: 3 Factors To Discuss With Your Child Before Signing A Bail Bond Contract

To bail or not to bail is one of the most controversial parenting issues pondered. While some parents believe that dealing with the legal process itself is enough of a lesson, other parents believe that they shouldn't bail their child out for them to get a better idea of the consequences of their actions. Still, a surprisingly large amount of young adults do get arrested, with 25% of 18 year olds having an arrest record.

First Tax Year For Your Business? Tips For Minimizing Your Liability

If you're new to owning a small business, you might not fully understand how your daily operations affect your tax liability. In order to avoid finding yourself with a shocking tax bill at the end of the year, it's in your best interest to optimize your deductions and tax credits. Working with a business tax professional is a great place to start, but it's equally important that you understand what your options are beforehand.

What Could Changes To Alabama's Payday Lending Industry Mean For You?

If you're a resident of Alabama who occasionally takes advantage of a payday loan to help get you through a cash crunch, you're not alone -- more than 46,000 payday loans are taken out each week in the Yellowhammer State. While these loans can be invaluable in helping bridge the gap between paychecks or assisting you in maintaining utility service during a period of unemployment, pending legislation could significantly affect the way these loans operate.