What Does It Mean To Get Released On Your Own Recognizance?

When a person gets charged with a crime, they are typically placed in jail and must remain there until court or until they pay their bail. If the person feels that the bail is either too excessive or that there should be no bail at all, he or she could ask the court for a release on recognizance (ROR).

What this means

Being released on your own recognizance (ROR) means that you will have the ability to get out of jail without paying any bail money at all. Obviously, this is the method most people would prefer to use when stuck in jail, as it would be the only method available to get out of jail without spending a dime; however, this method is not typically available. To use an ROR, you would need to ask the court for this privilege.

What the court considers when asked for this

While anyone could ask the court for an ROR, the court is only likely to approve it if certain conditions exist. A court will closely look at a person's criminal record before approving it and would look carefully at the charges the person is facing. If the charges are minor and if the crime did not hurt anyone or have the potential to hurt anyone, there is a chance the court would consider it, but only if the person's criminal record was clean. A court will also consider the person's character and reputation in the area, and there may be other factors the court uses too when making this decision, such as a person's flight risk.

What you must do afterwards

If you are able to get this approved through the court, the jail will release you without paying any bail. After this occurs, you must follow through with any conditions the court sets for you, and the main one will be that you must attend every court hearing related to this case. Failing to do this will land you back in jail, and you would not be able to get out again through an ROR.

If you ask the court for an ROR and they deny your request, you could ask for a bail decrease. If they agree to this, or even if they do not, you can still get out of jail by utilizing the services of a bail bonds company. This service allows you to get out of jail without paying the full amount for the bail set by the court.