What Workers' Comp Pre-Settlement Funding Really Does

People who have filed a workers' compensation claim often find that actually getting the money can take a long time due to appeals and other blocks from the employer. For someone who is injured and lacking income due to a work-related injury, this delay can be devastating. While some manage to get by due to savings or a spouse's income, others find themselves in a real bind. Pre-settlement funding is an option, but at first, it sounds like a loan that someone might not be able to pay depending on case outcome. This isn't true; pre-settlement funding is non-recourse funding, and if you get approved for pre-settlement funding, that's a good sign your case will end well — and your financial situation will be in better shape.

It Keeps Your Bills Current

Even the best workers' comp cases can take time, which your creditors don't always give you. When you apply for pre-settlement funding, you'll speak with representatives who will evaluate your case and if they think you have a reasonable chance of winning, they may approve funding that matches part or all of your projected settlement or award. This money allows you to keep your bills current

It Lets You Seek More Treatment

If your health insurance company will cover only part of your recommended therapy (e.g., covering 10 physical therapy visits when 30 were recommended), you need money to cover the remaining treatments. Getting this advance funding allows you to seek that additional treatment or cover costs for your deductible until coverage kicks in.

It Helps You Heal by Removing Financial Stress

As mentioned, pre-settlement funding is a type of payment called non-recourse funding. It looks like a loan, but it's really a type of cash advance that is dependent on the funding company's evaluation of your case — not the actual outcome. In other words, if you lose your case despite all signs looking positive, you generally don't have to pay back the pre-settlement money you received. Definitely double-check that the pre-settlement company you deal with specifically states that the money is non-recourse funding in its agreements.

Once you get it, and you are able to stay current on bills, a lot of financial stress can go away. You're already dealing with physical issues stemming from the injury, and possibly psychological issues brought on by the accident or the fight that your employer has put up regarding paying you. You don't need the added stress of making payment arrangements with the utility company to keep the lights on. Contact a company like http://mcmullenochs.com to learn more about your workers' compensation case.