Three Valuable Antique Items To Look For When Cleaning Out An Attic After A Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one passes away, the family is often left to clean out their home before it can be sold. Many people collect things throughout their lives and store them in their attics for safe keeping or to enjoy later in life. If you are cleaning out a loved one's attic in the near future, use the following guide to help identify items that may be of value and need to be appraised:

Antique Furniture

There are many times when antique furniture can be found in the home and attic of an elderly person. Look closely at the furniture to see if there are any marks on the pieces that identify where they are made. In the past, pieces were marked with identifying marks that allowed people to easily identify who made each piece of furniture to ensure that it was easy to tell how valuable it was.

Antique Maps

Many people do not realize that older maps can be quite valuable. If maps are not mounted, that does not mean that they are not valuable. There are many times when maps are rolled up, stored in an attic, and forgotten about for years. If you find antique maps, place them in a mailing tube for safekeeping until you can get them to an antique appraiser.

Antique Coins

Another great thing to look for when searching the attic is antique coins. Many people have the misconception that all coins are only worth the value that is featured on the coin itself. That is not the case at all, though. There are many coins that are worth far more than the amount that is seen on the coin. An antique appraiser can look at the coins and let you know if they are authentic and how much they are worth. When searching through the attic, look for coins and paper money as both could be quite valuable. You may want to check the pockets of coats and in any old purses that you find.

Once you have gathered all of the items that you think are valuable, take them to an antique appraiser. The appraiser will be able to let you know if the items are authentic and how much they are worth so that you can determine if you want to sell them or keep them. If you choose to keep them, be sure to insure them with your insurance company for the insurance value the appraiser gives you.

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